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Medical Marijuana Card Santa Ana

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Begin the process of applying for the Medical Marijuana Card online by signing up with correct details about you and your medical necessity.

Get evaluated:

Move to the payments section by choosing the Head to the payments section by selecting the appropriate package for you after the licensed physician evaluates the details filled in the form.

Receive your MMJ Recommendation:

Once endorsed, receive your Medical Marijuana card through email.

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What is a Medical Marijuana Card?

Medical Marijuana Card is a state identification card that permits an individual experiencing any of the health conditions as mentioned above to use, cultivate, and possess the Marijuana products from the State-licensed dispensaries after the recommendation letter from a state-licensed health professional.

Benefits of Medical Marijuana Card

There are several benefits of Medical Marijuana Card to a patient, some of them are as follow:

  • Legal Protection:
    With a valid Medical Marijuana Card, get the legal protection to acquire Cannabis.
  • Higher Possession Limits:
    California state legislature confines the recreation users to acquire 1 ounce and 8 ounces of Marijuana to medical marijuana patients.  
  • Higher Potency Limits:For medical marijuana patients, the required dosage to alleviate the symptoms is critical so that high-strength Marijuana can be recommended.
  • Covers Lower age requirements:
    Minors aging less than 21 are allowed to purchase Medical Marijuana from dispensaries.

About Medical Marijuana Card Santa Ana

Santa Ana is the second-most populous city in California located adjoining the Santa Ana River. Santa Ana has permitted and legalized the use of Medical Cannabis for treating several health conditions after obtaining the recommendation from a state-licensed health professional. This recommendation has a validity of 12 months and allows the individual to acquire, grow, and consume Medical Marijuana legally with a valid Medical Marijuana Card.

About Medical Marijuana Card

Kill your biggest enemy like stress with the best medicine like cannabis.

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Say bye-bye to the manual interactions with doctors and obtain the Medical Marijuana Card with no appointments.

Secured Process

Get hold of a Medical Marijuana Card with Medical Marijuana Card Santa Ana MMJ Doctor with the promise of legitimate online services.

Receive Your Digital Card

Once approved, receive your digital copy of the Medical Marijuana Card via email in just 30 minutes.

One Year Recommendation

The recommendation is valid for a year from the day of approval.

24 X 7

24 X 7 availability of services and support to endow you with legitimate online services.

Easy Online Process

Applying for a Medical Marijuana Card Online with us includes an easy online process.

Select Your Package

Here are the Packages We Offer. You can choose as per your requirements.



includes instant Email Copy


Post-approval, Receive the digital copy of your Medical Marijuana Card in just 30 minutes


24 X 7 verification through email or call


Valid for one year



Plastic ID Card

Covers everything listed in the Basic plan.
Customized plastic ID cards.
Hard copy delivery by mail.
Valid for 1-year.


Delivery at Your Doorstep


Receive your digital copy of your Medical Marijuana Recommendation in just 30 minutes, post-approval.


Receive a Growers license that permits to cultivate up to 99 plants and acquire 8 ounces of medical Marijuana.


24 X 7 verification through email or call


Valid for one year.

Health Conditions Qualify for obtaining a Medical Marijuana Card Santa Ana

Qualifying conditions for a patient to get a Medical Marijuana Card Santa Ana:



Multiple Sclerosis










Chronic Pain




Severe Nausea

Medical Marijuana Card Laws Santa Ana

Santa Ana has adopted federal and state laws and has legalized the use of medical cannabis for treating ample health conditions. Santa Ana is the only city that permits trade sales and commercial products that will be confined to indoor operations at 20 licensed amenities.

  • California state laws were first passed in 1996 to legalize medical marijuana under the Compassionate Use Act with Proposition 215.
  • As per the act, an individual is permitted to obtain Medical Marijuana for treating health as mentioned earlier conditions.
  • With this act, the caregivers are also allowed to grow Cannabis for the individual acquiring health benefits from medical marijuana.
  • After proposition 215, California voter’s majority supported Proposition 64 to legalize the recreational use of Marijuana.
  • The law states:
    -An adult can possess the legal quantity of Marijuana up to 1 ounce.
    -They can cultivate up to 6 cannabis plants or more with a valid license.
    -A maximum of 8 grams of marijuana concentrate is permitted to an individual’s of 21 years or older.
    -Cultivation of 6 living plants at home.
  • With this act, consumption of Marijuana is not applicable in:
    -Public places
    -No smoking zones
    -Within 1,000 feet of a school

Proposition 64

  • As per Proposition 64, 21 years or old, patients can acquire, consume, and cultivate Cannabis with several permissions.
  • No more than one ounce of dry Cannabis and eight grams of concentrated Cannabis are permitted to the adults to acquire, buy, consume, transport or giveaway without any compensation.
  • The growing of no more than six live medical marijuana plants is permitted to patients within the residential area with no visibility from the standard view.
  • Patients may not smoke it in a place where the consumption of tobacco is forbidden.
  • Driving under marijuana influence is prohibited.

How will Medical Marijuana Card help you?

The State that has legalized the use of Medical Marijuana lets to have access to medical cannabis dosage, availability and permission to acquire Cannabis from State authorized dispensaries with a valid Medical Marijuana Card. Attain legal support for ongoing medical treatment from marijuana consumption.

Where can I consume Cannabis?

  • Medical Cannabis must be consumed on private property.
  • Cannabis cannot be consumed at any time on public properties.
  • Property owners may forbid the consumption and possession of medical Cannabis on their properties.
  • Medical Cannabis cannot be utilized or possessed on federal lands in California.
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About Medical Marijuana Card Santa Ana

Acquire the legitimate online services with the Medical Marijuana Card Santa Ana that is functioning with maintaining the Data Confidentiality and Data Privacy as per the HIPAA Guidelines. Get hold of a Valid Medical Marijuana Card to acquire the legal rights for the consumption, cultivation, and possession of Medical Marijuana. With the excellence of serving legitimate online services for years, Medical Marijuana Card Santa Ana strives to bring a better tomorrow.

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